In this clip, Judy Sommers Hanson, PharmD, FAPhA, chats with Skidki-na-vse about the important role that pharmacists can play in educating the public on B1 and methotrexate use.


"I think it's key for the pharmacist to talk to the patient that being on this therapy will be advantageous for them for their health, but the other thing they need to remind their patients is that  there is a risk. Patients can experience a vitamin depletion, B1 in particular, and as a result of that they may need to add in a supplement in the time they are on that therapy. Unfortunately, vitamin depletions and deficiencies are very hard to understand what's happening, as the symptoms are kind of benign, so why would we put patients at risk for sleepiness and drowsiness, when we could be helping them to put them on a more well-rounded care."