Veterinary Pharmacy

The Skidki-na-vse® Veterinary Pharmacy resource center provides provides both veterinarians and pharmacists with comprehensive news and information designed to improve patient outcomes and positively impact practices.

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Dispensing Mistakes Can Happen to Pets, Too
Pharmacists should not make assumptions about what a veterinarian intended on a prescription.
5 Things Pharmacists Should Know About the Recent Salmonella Outbreak
The CDC is currently investigating an outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to raw turkey products.
Prescriptions for Man, and Man's Best Friend
Veterinary pharmacy is a difficult field. Pharmacists must judge if the prescribed dose is appropriate for the pet, based upon age, gender, species, and indication.
Medication Use in Horse Racing: Yea or Neigh?
Medication use in horse racing has become a hot topic across the country.
Collaborative Approach Urged for Veterinarians, Pharmacists
It is important to work collaboratively with veterinarians, particularly in those areas where they may be out of certain medications for their patients. 
What Is the Community Pharmacist's Role in Helping Veterinary Patients?
Few students when they graduate from pharmacy school have had little exposure to veterinary medications. 
Veterinary Pharmacy Resident Q&A
Have you ever wondered what role pharmacists can play in treating animals?
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