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Researchers Find Link Between Diabetes in Young Adults and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors
A study has found that young adults with diabetes have high rates of cardiometabolic risk factors such as adiposity, blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, and history of cardiovascular disease. These risk factors can lead to an increased disease prevalence and mortality rate among these young adults as they age.
Study Links Antidepressants and Risk of Gestational Diabetes
The study aimed to determine the association between antidepressant classes, types, and duration of use during pregnancy and the risk of gestational diabetes.
Canagliflozin Approved by FDA for Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease
Officials from the FDA have approved the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson’s canagliflozin (Invokana) to reduce the risk of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) and cardiovascular events in patients with Type 2 Diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD).
FDA Approves First Oral GLP-1 for Type 2 Diabetes
The FDA has granted approval of Rybelsus (semaglutide) oral tablets 7 mg or 14 mg to Novo Nordisk. The drug is the first oral glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) receptor protein treatment for type 2 diabetes.
Study of Early Combination Treatment Demonstrates Positive Results for Type 2 Diabetes
A recent clinical study demonstrated positive long-term benefits of the early intervention combination treatment of metformin vildagliptin (Galvus, Norvartis), a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 [DPP-4] inhibitor, for type 2 diabetes (T2D).
Glucagon Injection for Severe Hypoglycemia Granted FDA Approval
The glucagon injection is designed to reduce the steps and time needed to prepare and administer medicine for severe hypoglycemia.
Pain Medication Associated with Greater Risk of Hypoglycemia
Recently published in Science Daily, the study was based on the investigating team’s analysis of more than 12 million reports from the FDA Adverse Effect Reporting System (FAERS) and Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) databases.
There Is No Sugar-Coating Gestational Diabetes
Help pregnant women with diet, other lifestyle changes, prevention, symptoms, and treatment.
Management of Patients With Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
Patients who have diabetes often have—and are often unaware they have—cardiovascular complications. These complications can change the trajectory of this disease and are costly for society.
Nasal Powder Glucagon Receives FDA Approval
The FDA has granted Eli Lilly and Company approval for its nasal powder glucagon (Baqsimi) for emergency treatment of severe hypoglycemia.
Cigna, Express Scripts Capping Insulin Co-Pays at $25 for Participating Commercial Members
A day after stakeholders told a House of Representatives subcommittee about problems accessing and paying for insulin, Cigna and its pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts said they are launching a program for patients with diabetes in their commercial plans so that they pay no more than $25 for a 30-day supply of insulin.
Ready-To-Use Insulin for IV Infusion Granted FDA Approval
The drug is indicated for use as a short-acting human insulin to improve glycemic control in adults and pediatric patients with diabetes mellitus. It is only intended to use in acute care settings under medical supervision.
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