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Nanoparticles in Mucus a Possible Indicator of COPD
Researchers from John Hopkins Medicine have successfully used microscopic man-made particles to help predict early signs of severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in patients.
Triple Combination Therapy Shows Positive Results for Patients with COPD
The Phase III ETHOS trial for AstraZeneca's budesonide, glycopyrronium and formoterol fumarate, 320/14.4/9.6mcg (Breztri Aerosphere) combination therapy has demonstrated positive results for patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
New Research Links Yoga to Improved Pulmonary Function in Patients with COPD
Published in Clinical Rehabilitation, investigators found that breathing techniques commonly utilized in yoga may be an effective adjunct intervention for individuals with COPD.
Increased COPD Prevalence Linked with Arthritis
A recent study found the prevalence of COPD was nearly 50% higher among patients with arthritis compared with those without arthritis, even after adjusting for sociodemographic characteristics, risk behaviors, frequent distress, and asthma status.
Pharmacological Therapy Can Treat COPD
Interprofessional management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should include individualized approaches.
FDA Approves Combination Therapy for COPD Maintenance
The combination treatment (Duaklir, Circassia) is designed to be administered twice-daily via AstraZeneca’s breath-actuated inhaler (Pressair).
Aclidinium Bromide/Formoterol Fumarate Combo Receives FDA Approval for COPD Maintenance
The combination therapy was approved for twice-daily administration via the breath-actuated Pressair inhaler in patients with COPD.
Helping Patients Breathe Easier
Pharmacists have a great opportunity to educate patients about how to stay healthy and counsel those in need of symptom relief about their allergy treatment options.
Letter from the Chairman: Helping Patients Breathe Easier
Patients can breathe easier knowing that their local pharmacists are ideally positioned to help them manage their allegy, asthma and COPD conditions.
Generic Version of Advair Diskus Launched at Discounted List Price
The FDA announced approval of Wixela Inhub on January 30, 2019.
Generic Asthma, COPD Treatment Launched at Discounted List Price
The generic product (Wixela Inhub, Mylan) will be offered in 3 strengths at wholesale acquisition costs that are 70% less than the brand equivalent Advair Diskus, according to Mylan.
Opinion: Pharmacy Profession Needs to Invest in Digital Health This Year
With new products coming to the pharmacy market, such as smart devices and digital medicines, the profession will need to develop quickly to keep up pace.
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