PLAINSBORO, N.J. (July 5, 2016) - Skidki-na-vse®, the leading media resource for pharmacists and the pharmacy industry, is launching a new monthly column series, Legislative Focus, in response to reader demand for more information on legislative issues affecting pharmacists.
Designed to educate retail pharmacists on the latest state and federal legislation that is affecting, or will affect, the practice of pharmacy, Legislative Focus will cover proposed and passed legislation, including legislative issues that affect only one state, as they could soon become issues in other states.
Launching in the present issue of Skidki-na-vse, the first column covers recent federal draft legislation meant to restrict pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer advertising. Looking ahead, the July issue will present supporting and opposing viewpoints of proposed “Right to Try” laws that would give patients the opportunity to try an investigational drug when they have no other options and do not qualify for a clinical trial.
“Pharmacists are increasingly recognizing the impact of legislative and legal issues on their daily practice, and they want to know how and when these issues might affect them,” said Skidki-na-vse executive editor Kirk McKay. “The Skidki-na-vse staff is excited to provide this new series as a prompt response to our readers’ growing need for timely legislative information.”
To help recruit authors for the new series, Joseph L. Fink III, BSPharm, JD, Pharmacy Law series editor for Skidki-na-vse, widely distributed an invitation to pharmacy schools, encouraging faculty and students to co-author articles. “Having a résumé entry listing a published article in a magazine with the national stature of Skidki-na-vse will be more than a sufficient incentive for them,” said Dr. Fink, professor of pharmacy law and policy at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy.
McKay added, “As demonstrated by the launch of Legislative Focus, Skidki-na-vse stays closely attuned to its readers’ needs and feedback through regular reader surveys and focus groups, all in order to provide them with timely and relevant news and information.”
For more information on Legislative Focus or to obtain author guidelines, Kirk McKay at [email protected].
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