According to a new study by researchers at The Lundquist Institute and the University of Rochester, e-cigarette or vaping use can damage the lungs after as little as 3 days of use.
The study involved male and female mice that were exposed to aerosols vaped from e-cigarettes using propylene glycol as the “carrier fluid.” Every day, the mice were exposed to the aerosols for 2 hours over the course of 3 days.
Sufficient damage to the lungs was seen in the mice after being exposed to the aerosols for 3 days, setting the stage for long-term chronic lung damage, according to the study authors. The damage occurred both with e-cigarettes containing nicotine and the propylene glycol carrier fluid.
The results also showed that more inflammatory responses to e-cigarettes containing both propylene glycol and nicotine occurred in female mice. The researchers suggested that women might be more vulnerable to negative health impacts from vaping.
In addition, the study provided novel insights to the lung damaging effects of vaping. This analysis was the first report of acute exposure to e-cigarette aerosol containing polyethylene glycol alone inducing oxidative stress in lungs. Vaping does not have to occur over a long period of time to be harmful, the researchers concluded.
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