Police reported 2 instances of pharmacy robberies involving a man and woman wielding hypodermic needles that they claimed were contaminated with HIV.
The first incident took place at a CVS store in Niles, Illinois, on Monday morning, November 14. The second incident, believed to be orchestrated by the same duo, occurred the following morning at a CVS store in Naperville, Illinois, according to separate press releases issued by local police departments.   
Witnesses reported that a man and woman entered the Niles pharmacy and proceeded to remove OTC medications from the store’s shelves and conceal them inside their bags. When a store employee approached them, the man reportedly threatened the employee with a syringe he claimed was contaminated with HIV. The suspects left the pharmacy and fled with about $600 worth of medications.
A similar incident, which occurred at the Naperville pharmacy, included a man and woman brandishing an HIV-contaminated syringe. The suspects threatened store employees and reportedly stole numerous medications before fleeing.
Police believe the 2 incidents are related based on photos and video surveillance, although the suspects have not been positively identified, according to local media reports. Numerous law enforcement agencies are working to compare the incidents, and identify similar crimes in the Chicago area. If arrested, the suspects will be charged with felony retail theft and felony aggravated assault.
Both suspects were described as having dark hair and wearing dark clothing. Police are asking witnesses or those with information regarding the case to call the Naperville police at 630-420-6666.