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Pharmacists are medication experts who play an integral role in the health care team. I am honored to be a pharmacist and believe that we are lifelong learners.

My father has been practicing as a pharmacist for more than 35 years and inspired my sister and me to pursue a career in pharmacy. The profession is constantly evolving, and pharmacists are increasingly pursuing postgraduate training through residencies and fellowships. 

During pharmacy school, I developed an interest in drug information. Staying up-to-date on the latest drug approvals and clinical studies became a passion of mine, and I wanted to educate students and pharmacists. 

After completing a drug information residency, I knew that teaching was the career path that I was destined for. It was such a rewarding experience to educate pharmacy students and manage a drug information center. 

This nontraditional pharmacy journey provides great opportunities for pharmacists. Continuing education is such an important part of the profession, and I wanted to be a part of this. 

Serving as a Skidki-na-vse contributor is a very rewarding experience, as I enjoy educating my colleagues about updates to the pharmacy profession. 

Community education is extremely rewarding, and I had the opportunity to work with the local police department on drug disposal programs to prevent prescription drug abuse. My rotation students and I assisted with documenting medications and assisted with pill identification. 

I also recently started a health education series for my community in South Florida with various topics, including drug abuse awareness, poison prevention, and flu prevention strategies. 

Pharmacists can be game changers in the profession through community education programs.  This is why I am inspired as a pharmacist to make a difference throughout the community. 

#APharmacistIs a game changer!