10 Most-Advertised Brand-Name Drugs

AUGUST 27, 2015
Allison Gilchrist, Associate Editor
Drug manufacturers spent $3.4 billion on advertising the top 10 brand-name prescription drugs last year.
This top spending comprised 75% of all pharmaceutical ad spending in 2014, according to Nielsen data.
Pfizer alone spends more than $1 billion on direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising annually, so it is unsurprising that medications it markets dominate the following list of the 10 most-advertised brand-name drugs:

1.      Cialis ($248.7 million spent on advertising)

Eli Lilly’s spending on TV advertisements for this erectile dysfunction (ED) drug increased 15% from its ad spending from 2013.

The ads’ signature theme spotlights the importance of women in men’s lives. Taglines such as “She reminds you every day” and “She’s still the one for you” help Cialis (tadalafil) appeal to both men and women.
Cialis faces patent expiration in both the United States and Europe in 2017, but Lilly has already forged a deal with Sanofi to make Cialis available OTC by that time.