The Skidki-na-vse® Insights video library presents one-on-one interviews with pharmacy experts, who examine the latest patient counseling tools and innovative solutions for the everyday practice and business.

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Improving Customer and Pharmacist Knowledge
The key opinion leader discusses the patient education needed and how pharmacists can improve their knowledge.
An Understanding of In-Home Drug Testing
Christopher Altman, PharmD, provides an understanding of the in-home drug testing.
Specifics of the Hair Drug-Testing Products
Key opinion leader provides specifics for using the hair drug-testing product with the pros and cons.
Specifics of the Urine Drug-Testing Products
Harshav Raval, PharmD, RPh, details the specifics involved with using the urine drug-testing products.
Parent/Customer Education and Pharmacist Knowledge
A key opinion leader provides insights on his recommendations for parent/customer education and the limit in pharmacist knowledge.
A Review of Drug Testing Products
Christopher Altman, PharmD, shares the pros and cons of the available drug testing products.
The Future of Axial Spondyloarthritis Treatment
Hillary Norton, MD, discusses the unmet needs in the treatment of axial spondyloarthritis and provides community rheumatologists with management advice.
AxSpa Treatments: TNF Inhibitors, NSAIDs, and Opioids
Hillary Norton, MD, enumerates the treatment options for axial spondyloarthritis, including nonpharmacologic methods, opioids, NSAIDs, and TNF inhibitors.
Unmet Needs and the Future of Diabetes
Key opinion leaders discuss the unmet needs for diabetes and the future of therapy.
AxSpa Treatment Goals and Windows of Opportunity
Hillary Norton, MD, considers the windows of opportunity in managing axial spondyloarthritis to prevent various comorbidities and discusses the goals of therapy.
Managing Autoimmune Disease Post Partum
An expert in the management of autoimmune disease discusses the potential for flares following pregnancy and shares her experience in minimizing these events.
Treatment Considerations for Childbearing and Autoimmune Disease
Megan E.B. Clowse, MD, describes how she counsels and treats patients with an autoimmune disease who want to conceive.
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