Monica V. Golik Mahoney, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID

Although mumps has been vastly eliminated through routine vaccination, several hundred cases are still seen annually in the United States.
The 2015 Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults includes an updated recommendation for nitrofurantoin use in patients with impaired renal function.
Here are some tips for students in the process of choosing pharmacy rotations.
Letters of recommendation are by far the most-valued component of the residency application packet.
Regardless of whether you decide to pursue postgraduate training, you will be required to submit a CV at some point during your pharmacy career.
One of the most intimidating events of ASHP Midyear is the residency showcase.
Get Smart About Antibiotics Week seeks to educate the public and health care workers about when antibiotics are truly required.
The dispensing model for pyrimethamine has changed, which may cause delays in therapy.
A recipe described in a 1000-year-old book may possess some antimicrobial activity.
The FDA recently approved 2 new antibiotic combinations targeting resistant Gram-negative organisms.
Amiodarone has been shown to inhibit Ebola virus entry into host cells.
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