Daniel Holland, PharmD

Animal products are prevalent in pharmaceuticals manufacturing, including in some unexpected places.
Recent findings suggest a possible connection between the common OTC medication and an under-diagnosed hormonal disorder.
A team of researchers have assessed supertherapeutic doses of NSAIDs, opioids, and benzodiazepines.
Pharmacists are in a prime position to offer guidance to those who have this often under-treated chronic disease.
A Rhode Island independent pharmacy is the first in the country offering on-demand Lyme disease post-exposure prophylaxis.
What is our duty to patients? Does this change if we believe they are abominable?
Are you a proud green-thumbed pharma-“nerd” looking for a statement garden this summer?
An adverse effect with interferon-ribavirin Hepatitis C therapy that does not stop after discontinuation.
Lyme disease symptoms can persist after cure. But how can you separate fact from fiction in treatment?
There is more to the grapefruit drug interaction than eating one kind of fruit.
Patients with severe mental illnesses avoidably die much sooner than general population.
What can you (or your pharmacist) do to improve Bipolar I Disorder outcomes?
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