Catherine Duong, PharmD Candidate

In pharmacy school, I was taught to see if there was a cause when I learned of a patient?s adverse reaction, because if I?m treating the problem without removing the cause, the problem will still persist. In this situation, I couldn?t remove the cause. If I were to request that the doctor stop prescribing the calcium supplements, the elderly patient would be at higher risk for osteoporosis. If I can?t remove the cause, what can I do in this type of situation?
People with small children should be extra cautious around this time of year by making sure any medications, vitamins, and supplements are locked somewhere that is out of reach from children.
If we can pull components of a combo meal by assembly line, why can't we do the same with simple pharmacy orders?
Patients should consult with their physician or pharmacist before taking any vitamins.
Because diabetes can affect many parts of the body, there's a lot to remember for self-management.
Unless you work at a pharmacy while attending pharmacy school, the closest you'll get to a real patient as a student pharmacist is through simulated encounters with a paid actor.
Although multiple-choice exams have some limits, active learning can still be promoted by engaging pharmacy students in course materials.
Here are some tips for pre-pharmacy students who are considering a 3-year pharmacy program.
Are you resolving to lose a few pounds in 2016?
Here are some tips to help prevent heartburn from happening during the holidays
Are there any benefits in applying snail extract to your face?
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