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FDA Approves Trifarotene Cream for Acne Treatment
Trifarotene is the only topical retinoid that selectively targets retinoic acid receptor (RAR) gamma, the most common RAR found in the skin. The cream is also the first topical treatment specifically studied and proven to treat both facial (forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin) and truncal (chest, shoulders, and back).
Independent Corner: About Green Valley Pharmacy: The Providers
Walter Wong, PharmD, owner of Green Valley Pharmacy in Rancho Cucamongo, CA speaks to Pharmacy Times about how his pharmacy's services help providers in the latest addition to Skidki-na-vse' Independent Corner.
Celebrating Women Pharmacist Day by Honoring Female Pioneer
Suzy Soliman, PharmD, discusses why October 12 was chosen to recognize Women Pharmacist Day.
Study: Number of Drug
A new study by Prime Therapeutics LLC has shown a sharp increase in the number of drug "super spenders," defined by the researchers as members with pharmacy and medical drug therapy claims of $250,000 or more annually.
Improving Customer and Pharmacist Knowledge
The key opinion leader discusses the patient education needed and how pharmacists can improve their knowledge.
FDA Aims to Improve Oversight of Compounding Pharmacies with Data-Sharing System
The FDA has awarded a cooperative agreement grant to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to develop a 3-year pilot project for a data-sharing system to improve oversight of compounding pharmacies.
FDA Testing Ranitidine for NDMA Impurities
The FDA is continuing to test ranitidine products from multiple manufacturers following the discovery of impurities in low levels in some medicines, including Zantac.
Health Scare Prompts Oprah to Promote Vaccines
Oprah Winfrey’s message is clear: the flu and pneumonia vaccines are important.
Litigation Against FDA Over Vasopressin is Resolved
Two lawsuits against the FDA have been resolved in a conclusion favorable to Endo International, which argued that vasporessin should be excluded from the agency’s compounding list.
Companies Settle Opioid-Related Litigation with 2 Ohio Counties
Johnson & Johnson and its Janssen Pharmaceutical Cos unit have agreed to a more than $10 million settlement, rather than allowing the matter go to federal trial.
Network of Research Centers Created for Development of Longer-Lasting Influenza Vaccines
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is a part of the National Institute of Health, has developed the Collaborative Influenza Vaccine Innovation Centers (CIVICs) program.
An Understanding of In-Home Drug Testing
Christopher Altman, PharmD, provides an understanding of the in-home drug testing.
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